Consultancy Diagnosis

Barrier properties of papers and boards for packaging

Recyclable cellulose barrier materials for new packaging

  • Match the barrier properties to the requirements of the packaged product
  • Interpret and draw up functional specifications on barrier properties
  • Collect market intelligence on alternatives to cellulose-based plastics
  • Support the implementation of these substitute solutions
  • Support the development of innovative barrier papers and boards

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Packaging is a fast-growing market in which many new materials are being developed, notably using renewable, recyclable and biodegradable resources.

Knowledge of the packaged product requirements and an evaluation of barrier properties are vital in order to ensure that the existing packaging and/or material complies with the technical specifications, and to develop new materials geared to market needs.

The CTP helps companies in the paper-making, agri-food and converting sectors to draw up functional specifications related to barrier properties and to develop and implement alternative solutions, thanks to its expertise, its production facilities and the associated measuring equipment.

Sources d’interactions milieu extérieur / emballage / produit

Sources of external environment / packaging / product interactions

Context and performance

The CTP proposes a complete range of services to produce cellulose barrier materials and/or characterise the full array of barrier properties.
In response to a request to replace plastics, our experts can perform a critical analysis of the material specifications and of the existing and emerging solutions, and then implement the tests required to meet the expressed needs.

Portfolio des technologies de traitement de surface offertes par le CTP

Portfolio of surface treatment technologies proposed by the CTP

Content of services

The CTP’s services include market intelligence on the commercially-available barrier papers and boards, regulatory intelligence on the legislative constraints applicable to these materials, and tracking of the standards governing the measurement of barrier properties.

The CTP’s experts then help companies select solutions and implement them on their production lines as short-term substitutes for plastic materials in use today.

Driven by a longer-term vision of developing all-cellulose packaging materials, the CTP also provides assistance with the development of innovative packaging materials at laboratory and pilot scale, through its key technologies:

  • Coating with water-based barrier products (emulsions, dispersions, biopolymers, etc.) in order to confer various barrier properties to papers and boards.
  • Chromatogeny, in order to confer hydrophobicity and water repellency properties to papers and boards, whether uncoated or coated with PVOH and to microfibrillated cellulose (MFC).
  • Wet lamination of MFCs, in order to assemble a thin MFC film and a paper/board in order to give it grease, oxygen and contaminant barrier properties.
Coucheuse pilote pour enduction base aqueuse de papiers- cartons

Pilot coater for applying water-based coatings to papers and boards


The report supplied by the CTP describes in detail all the tests performed and the results of the barrier property characterisations carried out, and proposes opportunities for improvement in the context of an ongoing development project.

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