The MFC wet lamination pilot

Paper and board covered with microfibrillated cellulose for barrier packaging

  • Develop paper and board laminated with MFC for the packaging and specialty papers sectors
  • Assemble a paper/board with a film of microfibrillated cellulose, without using glue
  • Improve the stiffness, surface state and barrier properties of papers and boards while maintaining their recyclability and biodegradability
  • Produce reels for making demonstrators

The little story of the pilot

At first sight a failed laboratory experiment with an unexpected result, the concept of wet lamination was devised in 2014. Since then, the CTP’s teams have worked ceaselessly to validate the concept, file a patent, find funding, imagine and build a dedicated laboratory machine and then draw up the designs for a pilot. This latest addition, the only one of its kind and custom-built, arrived at the CTP in late 2019.
The concept involves combining a layer of MFC with a paper/board, using a glueless method, in order to improve its properties. This is an original approach and a major asset in the search for completely recyclable and biodegradable cellulose packaging materials.
This pilot will be dedicated to validating the concept during continuous operation, producing sample reels, and designing a high-capacity pilot machine.

Description of the pilot

MFC wet lamination technology involves three stages:
  • Production of a wet film of MFC using a conventional papermaking filtration process
  • Detachment of the film and replication on a dry paper/board substrate
  • Drying using drying cylinders
The pilot consists of conventional papermaking equipment: a pulper to disperse the MFC suspension, a head-box, a forming wire with suction boxes, a replication roller and three drying cylinders.

Technical characteristics

  • Speed: 3 to 10 m/min
  • Supply tank: 1 m³
  • Useful forming width: 305 mm
  • Several wires available
  • 3 independent vacuum areas
  • Reel width: 305 to 360 mm
  • Reel diameter: 50 cm maximum
  • Replication calender
  • 3 drying cylinders: 80 cm dia.
  • Max surface temperature of drying cylinders: 180°C
  • Secondary filter medium unwinder
  • Maximum negative pressure: 400 mbar
  • Paper grammage: 30 to 300 g/m²
  • Maximum reel weight: 60 kg
  • Maximum linear load: 15 kN/m
  • 2 independent oil heating units
  • MFC grammage: 10 to 50 g/m²
  • Suspension flow rate: 6 l/min maximum
  • Inclined plane former


Lamination humide de MFC à l’échelle pilote

Facility acquired in the frame of the MaLics platform with the support of the Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes regional council


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