COU-02 | Barrier Materials



  • Understand the function and role of a barrier material.
  • Acquire a better knowledge of equipment and measurement methods.
  • Know the processes, barrier products and their applications.

Public concerned

Managers and employees of production, R&D, quality, marketing and commercial teams.
Suppliers of products and materials, Purchasers.

Teaching method

On site training-course
Lectures - Pedagogical documents
Practical works - CTP's facilities tour


Day 1


Introduction: Definition and use of barrier materials
Barrier products according to their use
Supports for coating and pre-treatments
Manufacturing processes
  • Coating processes (rod coating, blade coating, processes without contact)
  • Lamination, extrusion-coating
  • Other processes
Phenomena occurring during coating and drying of papers / paperboards.
Packaging made of paper and cardboard
Plastic packaging
Packaging of the Future / Innovative Cellulosic Barrier Materials

Practical works
  • CTP's facilities tour
  • Characterisation of barrier materials
Day 2


Rheology of coating
Mass transfer through packaging materials
Characterisation of barrier materials
  • Barrier to liquids (water and grease)
  • Barrier to gas (water vapour, O2, CO2, aromas)
  • Barrier to contaminants

  • Introduction to food contact regulation
  • End of life
  • SUP Directive and national regulations
Packaging of the Future

Practical works

Characterisation of barrier materials: barrier performances, mechanical properties, chemical properties
CTP’s facilities and pilots tour
Also available in French on demand