Pilot gluing bench

Evaluation of paper/board gluing performance

  • Characterise paper/board gluability
  • Identify and quantify associated bonding defects
  • Appraise gluing problems
  • Formulate technical recommendations with a view to predicting industrial conditions

The little story of the pilot

In 2018 the Centre Technique du Papier acquired a gluing bench specially designed by Technipap, named CTP18021T.
This pilot can be used to perform tests with different types of glue (hot/hot-melt or cold/aqueous).
A wide range of papers and boards can be tested in order to satisfy all customers’ requirements.
Peeling tests can also be performed on test samples that are pressed and obtained in-line in order to characterise assembly performance, either just after gluing or after ageing in controlled conditions.
Thanks to these tests and the CTP’s expertise, you can:

  • Optimise production parameters on your conditioning lines,
  • Improve the performance of your sealing operations,
  • Solve the associated problems,
  • Speed up your product development.

This pilot gluing bench is used to validate laboratory results before carrying out costly industrial tests.


The pilot gluing bench is an extremely flexible facility.
Its configuration and settings can be easily adapted to suit all types of test and substrate.

  • Multipurpose facility
    Substrates: all types of paper and board (thickness range: 50 µm – 3 mm).
    Glues: cold or hot, used in accordance with the customer’s recommendations or the technical data sheet.
    Application methods: nozzle (dots or beads) or coating (over 25 mm).
  • Precise adjustment of process settings
    Minimum open time: 0.5 s
    Maximum speed: 1.6 m/s
    Assembly pressure: from 20 kPa to 2 MPa
    Quantity of glue deposited: adapted by flow rate and speed
  • Gluing tests, monitoring of conditioning required by the customer
    Preparation of test samples for peeling tests.
    Wide range of conditioning options adapted to customer’s requirements prior to peeling.
  • Evaluation of assembly bond strength (peeling tests)
    Peeling tests performed on an appropriate dynamometer in conditions defined with the customer.


Pilot gluing bench

Facility acquired in the frame of the MaLics platform with the support of Auvergne Rhône-Alpes Region.


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