Chromatogeny Pilot

A breakthrough technology for hydrophobic papers & boards...

  • Develop hydrophobic paper and board that can replace plastics fully recyclable and biodegradable.
  • Optimize the base paper and fine-tune the grafting operating conditions in order to develop materials with the required barrier performances.
  • Produce grafted reels in industrial conditions.

The little story of the pilot

CTP’s chromatogeny pilot is the first pilot in the world which makes possible to produce, in industrial conditions, a chromatogeny grafting treatment of paper or board in order to give them hydrophobic properties.
The pilot allows the production of reels or A4 samples by glueing them on a carrier board and permits studies of the process in order to predict the design of industrial machines.
CTP’s pilot team, based on its experience on chromatogeny implementation projects will allow you to speed up your developments.
This pilot is built with the highest level of safety standards to manage efficiently gaseous effluents and guarantee the safety for operators.


General features
Speed: 50 to 400 m/min
Basis weight: 30 to 400 g/m²
Width: 30 cm
Reel diameter: 140 cm maximum
Core diameter: 76 mm – 100 mm – 120 mm – 150 mm

Grafting options
Reagent: Palmitoyl or Stearoyl chloride
Anilox: Selection of the desired quantity
Press roll on the heating cylinder
2 Steam boxes after grafting

If needed, CTP can add paper performance measurements (mechanical properties, barrier properties for example) and chemical analyses to assess the quality of the grafted samples produced.


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