Sensory Analysis Laboratory

Odour, Flavour, Softness

  • Guarantee that the organoleptic properties of a foodstuff are not altered by its packaging
  • Evaluate an off-flavour potentially transmitted to food through direct or indirect contact with a paper/board material
  • Evaluate the odour of a paper/board material that will be in contact with food
  • Estimate the softness of tissue papers or products

General informations

Our Sensory Analysis Laboratory is specialised in paper/board materials and packaging.
We offer a range of services to address regulatory requirements applicable to paper/board materials in-tended for food contact, in accordance with French Information Note from DGCCRF – Fiche MCDA N°4 (January 1st 2019) issued by the DGCCRF (French General Directorate for Competition Policy, Consu-mer Affairs and Fraud Control) and with BfR Recom-mendation XXXVI in the case of Germany.

Thanks to our qualified, rigorously trained and re-gularly tested panels of assessors we are able to evaluate:

  • The off-flavour transmitted by a material to a foodstuff
  • The odour of paper/board materials
  • The softness of tissue products

Setting up an off-flavour test


Guaranteeing food contact compliance while remai-ning innovative is a key challenge for packaging ma-nufacturers and users.

Paper/board materials are widely used in the food industry, and their impacts on food have to be evaluated.

According to current Regulation (EC) No 1935/2004, paper and board materials must not alter the organo-leptic properties (odour, taste, etc.) of food.

The CTP’s qualified panels of assessors are trained to check the organoleptic inertia of a material by eva-luating its odour (EN 1230-1) and any off-flavours that could potentially be transmitted to foodstuffs (EN1230-2, ISO 13302 or DIN 10955 depending on the type of contact).


Evaluation in the tasting room


The Sensory Analysis Laboratory is equipped with a dedicated room with 10 booths that meet the speci-fications of the ISO 8589 standard and can be used for performing tests in standardised and normalised conditions.

A fitted kitchen is used for working with various types of foodstuff or simulant and testing different contact conditions.


Examples of food packaging

Accredited for testing

The Sensory Analysis Laboratory holds COFRAC accreditation no. 1-0552 (scope of accreditation available at, as per the ISO 17025 standard.

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