Microbiological Analysis Laboratory

Health, food contact compliance and safety of paper/board products

  • Measure microbiological contamination of paper/board products
  • Evaluate the microbiological quality of materials
  • Check the fungus resistance of materials
  • Guarantee the microbiological safety of a packaging intended for food contact

General informations

Drawing on its industrial experience and the knowledge it has acquired through R&D, the CTP’s Microbiology Laboratory proposes a range of qua-lity tests applicable to paper/board-based products such as raw materials prior to converting, finished products, or packaging intended for food contact.

Our testing services will:

  • Detect and count indicator microorganisms, food-borne pathogens and spoilage organisms such as yeasts and moulds
  • Check the absence of antimicrobial constituent transfer to guarantee food contact compliance
  • Evaluate fungus resistance

The tests are performed in accordance with the requirements of current regulations and standards (AFNOR, ISO, CEN).


Preparation of paper samples


Microbiological control of paper/board-based pro-ducts is an essential aspect of safety and an indica-tor of quality.

We assist our clients in a variety of areas including fungus resistance of materials, investigation of an-timicrobial activity and evaluation of residual biolo-gical contamination.

The CTP’s Microbiology Laboratory works for paper/board producers, converters and users, on the basis of methods drawn from specific standards applicable to paper/board materials and food microbiology or its own in-house methods.

The tests are subject to Quality Assurance proce-dures guaranteeing the traceability of samples from their receipt until the test results are obtained.


Passaging of microbial colonies


Premises and equipment compliant with the NF ISO 7218 standard:

  • Autoclave
  • Polytron® disintegrator
  • Stomacher circulator
  • Class 2 microbiological safety cabinet
  • Bacteriological incubators
  • Phase-contrast microscope
  • Bacterial and fungal culture collections

Observation of a microbial mat surronding the sample

Accredited for testing

The laboratory holds COFRAC accreditation no. 1-0552 as per the ISO 17025 standard (scope of ac-creditation available at

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