WEB | Lignine - A natural aromatic polymer

WPAT-03 - Distance training course | A natural aromatic polymer from pulp mills and biorefineries


  • Be able to understand the specificity and usages of the main lignin grade (Softwood Kraft lignin, Hardwood Kraft lignin, Soda Lignin, Hydrolytic Lignin, Lignosulfonates, and modified lignins)
  • Known how they are isolated and how they looks like
  • Be aware of fundamental regulations and safety data.

Teaching method

Lectures - Pedagogical documents.
Remote mode by videoconference.
Duration: 2h30 including 30 minutes Questions-Answers




  • Lignin : a natural aromatic polymer of lignocelluloses
  • Lignin : a co-product of pulp mill and biorefineries
  • Industrial lignin : specifications and main applications

Also available in French on demand

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