Water - Energy - Environment

  • Manager Eric Fourest

General informations

The Water - Energy - Environment team can assist you in managing water and energy use and more generally in achieving your environmental obligations.
  • Improving the management of fresh water and process water circuits in order to anticipate changes in water resources by using Best Available Techniques.
  • Proposing innovative solutions for reusing water while preserving productivity and product quality.
  • Controlling microbial activity in water circuits while limiting the use of biocides.
  • Optimising the performance or your effluent treatment plant, improving the reliability of its operation, solving malfunctions, saving time, energy and consumables in compliance with regulations.
  • Solving problems of filament bulking, foaming, refractory COD or effluent treatment.
  • Upgrading the capacity of your effluent treatment equipment to keep pace with changes in production.
  • Controlling energy costs and CO2 emissions from the papermaking industry by improving process efficiency, in order to help limit the impact of climate change.
  • Assisting industries in carrying out assessments of drying sections and audits of electricity consumption including pulping, refining, vacuum production, pumping, compressed air, etc
  • Measuring and assessing thermal energy needs and sources at a production site in order to define technical solutions and an action plan to reduce effluent temperature and waste heat. 
  • Characterising solid and liquid waste in order to develop new strategies for energy recovery (anaerobic digestion, thermo-chemistry) or agronomic reuse, or to investigate innovative recycling routes.
The Water - Energy - Environment team will provide a fast, creative response to help you manage crises and anticipate change.
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Key figures

  • over 150 industrial process performance audits (water and energy) and 60 training sessions over the past 20 years
  • over 100 characterisation tests on effluent and solid waste