#01 –EPISODE 1

Producing MFCs

The CTP has several pilot devices that allow chemical or biochemical reactions of MFCs (microfibrillated cellulose) to be produced and studied.

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#02 –EPISODE 2

A cellulosic cup, glued without glue, it’s possible!

To produce a new recyclable, biodegradable, home compostable and adhesive-free packaging! … but how can this be done? The CTP has found the solution for the future… thanks to two breakthrough processes, chromatogeny and ultrasonic welding (or adhesive-free gluing).

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#03 –EPISODE 3

Greaseproof paper/board thanks to MFC wet lamination

Obtaining new single-material packaging that is 100% bio-based, hard-wearing, and a barrier to contaminants (including mineral oils), oxygen, and grease...
How? Thanks to a new innovative technology patented by the CTP: Wet Lamination of MFCs!

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#04 –EPISODE 4

A new chemistry for fibres bleaching!

To produce paper pulps” whiter than white” but also cleaner, less consuming water and electricity; therefore more environmentally friendly.

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#05 –EPISODE 5

Paper-based packaging of the future: barrier, lighter and stiffer!

Such an easy principle! To produce a new 100% biobased, recyclable, and biodegradable paper-based flexible packaging. Aluminium, fossil-based plastics…

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