Refiner mechanical pulps production pilot


  • To simulate the mechanical pulping processes based on disks refiners (in industrial conditions)
  • To pulp different lignocellulosic raw materials (wood, annual plants etc.)
  • To evaluate the impact of chemical or enzymatic treatments of wood on energy and pulp quality

The little story of the pilot

At the end of the 1980s, CTP has been the first tech-nological research institute to install a pilot for simu-lating the mechanical pulping processes.

This pilot was designed with Sprout Bauer, now Andritz, which was the only supplier to positively answer to our request.

The pilot started in 1989 and was improved along the years with the installation of a plug screw feeder (MSD Pressafiner) and of a adjustable speed prima-ry refiner. The MSD Pressafiner was the first one of this size to be developed by Andritz.

This pilpt has allowed French industrialists to stu-dy different raw materials and pulping parameters to better understand their process in the frame of a “Mechanical Pulps” cluster.


  • Flow: 10 tà 20 kg/h (in equivalent dry)
  • Pressure: up to 3 bar
  • Automatic regulation of temperature (125°C maxi)
  • Continuous steaming of chips under pressure
  • Time of thermal or chemical treatment: 5 to 30 mi-nutes (after impregnation of the raw material)
  • Single disk primary refiner (30 cm diameter) with adjustable speed (1500 to 5000 rpm) running continuously and at atmospheric pressure or un-der pressure
  • Automatic operating data collection (temperature, pressure, consumed energy etc.)
  • Possible pre-treatments of the raw material: ther-mal by steaming, mechanical with a plug screw (MSD Pressafiner), chemical by soaking at the bottom of the reactor or mechano-chemical with a plug screw
  • Possiblity to treat the raw material with different acidic or alkaline chemicals or with enzymes
  • Possibility to inject liquids and gas before the pri-mary refiner (feeding screw) or in the eye of the refiner
  • Possibility to collect the impregnated chips after thermal and/or chemical pre-treatment to carry out a second pre-treatment before defibering
  • Refining of the primary-refined pulp at atmosphe-ric pressure or under pressure to establish a re-fining curve with the TMP pilot of FCBA InTech-Fibres.


Le Pilote de fabrication de Pâtes à Haut Rendement

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