Refiner mechanical pulps production pilot


- To simulate the mechanical pulping processes based on disks refiners (in industrial conditions)
- To pulp different lignocellulosic raw materials (wood, annual plants etc.)
- To evaluate the impact of chemical or enzymatic treatments of wood on energy and pulp quality

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Pilot of BIVIS extrusion

Fibres, MFC, molecules

From lignocellulosic raw materials:
- To produce fibres or microfibrillated cellulose (MFC) at high consistency
- To elaborate new materials by reactive extrusion
- To extract biosourced molecules of interest

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NaMiCell pilot

Production of microfibrillated cellulose (MFC)

- To produce MFC from different qualities of pre-treated lignocellulosic fibres
- To evaluate the interest of new fibres pre-treatments for MFC production
- To adapt the process conditions to the targeted MFC quality for a given application

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Bleaching / Fibres Functionalization pilot

Simulate your processes to reduce costs and / or environmental impact

- to simulate in a reproducible and reliable way all the bleaching stages and the functionalization reactions of lignocellulosic fibres
- to validate the laboratory results before considering costly industrial trials
- to produce bleached or functionalized fibres in sufficient quantity to evaluate their uses (batch of 75 to 100 kg)

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Pilot gluing bench

Evaluation of paper/board gluing performance

- Characterise paper/board gluability
- Identify and quantify associated bonding defects
- Appraise gluing problems
- Formulate technical recommendations with a view to predicting industrial conditions

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Molecules extraction and unbleached chemical pulps producing pilot

Multipurpose valorisation of lignocellulosic raw materials

- To extract molecules present in lignocellulosic raw materials
- To simulate reproducibly and reliably all chemical pulping processes under alkaline, acid, organic, enzymatic conditions
- To validate laboratory results before considering industrial trials
- To extract molecules or to produce unbleached fibres in sufficient quantity to evaluate their uses (use of batches of 100 to 150 kg of raw material)

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