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  • Manager Michel Petit Conil

General informations

The InTechFibres – Plant Chemistry  team can assist you in developing your processes and products in the following fields:
  • Production of fibres from any type of lignocellulosic material (wood, annuals, etc.) by chemical and/or mechanical and/or biotechnological processes, which may be conventional or undergoing development at the laboratory or pilot stage. The fibres produced in this way may then be bleached to different degrees using different technologies on demand either in the laboratory or on a pilot. They can also be functionalised in order to give them new properties.
  • Extraction of molecules of interest or of fibre derivatives such as microfibrillated cellulose or lignocellulosic materials. Extraction can be performed before or after fibre production using appropriate technologies. These molecules can be characterised in detail in order to define potential applications and target markets.
  • Chemical, physicochemical and microscopic characterisation of lignocellulosic materials and fibres produced by various processes using appropriate analytical and microscope facilities. Such characterisation helps to understand the role of the different stages in the production and/or treatment of fibres prior to their use in finished products.

The InTechFibres – Plant Chemistry  team will be pleased to answer your queries and assist you in using and developing lignocellulosic materials.
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  • 5 technicians
  • 5 semi-industrial pilots

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