How to benefit from CTP's innovation?

The CTP has integrated strong orientations in its research and development activities in favor of a sustainable bio-economy and the circular economy, paving the way towards 100% biobased materials.

The CTP Collective Research Program (CRP) 2020, "CTP Project Portfolio", is part of this new era and offers Industrialists ongoing projects as well as new projects to help pulp and paper producers as well as convertors and Brand owners to improve their strategic positioning by contributing to a sustainable and circular economy.

Making better use of what we already have and making good use of what we do not yet have will be at the heart of our developments over the next four years.

The projects proposed by the CTP in its Collective Research Program (CRP) are accessible to any Industrialist wishing to obtain the transmission of results. Through his participation in the Project, the Industrialist will have access to the project including:

  • Monitoring of the progress of the work through annual meetings as well as their potential implementation,
  • Easy access to the Know-How developed within the framework of the project as well as to the exploitation of Intellectual Property in the event of a patent.

To find out how to participate in a CTP collective projects, contact us!