Continuing Education offered by the CTP

Our training offer

Our scientists who combine industrial experience with knowledge from R&D provide the expert trainings and seminars organized by the CTP.
Our partnerships with other Industrial Technical Centers, training institutes and networks of experts further enhance our skills.

Our ambition…

…share our knowledge, acquired through research, with your employees through a continuing education activity.

Our skills

  • Business experts and consultant trainers in permanent contact with companies
  • Perfect knowledge of industrial issues
  • Practical training based on technological platforms and test laboratories
  • Innovative tools for new training methods
  • Collaborations with training centers of the Industrial technical Center Network covering 27 industrial sectors

Find your training course

Tailor-made training course

The Paper Technical Center can meet your specific needs ...
Do not hesitate to contact us to set up specific training sessions.

To meet the specific needs of companies in the pulp, paper and board production, converting and printing sectors, the CTP offers personalized advice and training. Our tailor-made programs take into account the business context, initial skill levels, targeted operational objectives as well as planning constraints. After clearly identifying your need, we will develop a training plan to meet them and organize the training (on site or at our premises).


Faced with the challenges of the bio-economy, circular economy and technological change, strengthening the skills and employability of your teams means ensuring the competitiveness of your company.

The Paper Technical Center places the paper industry at the heart of its training, research and technology transfer activities. A recognized player in continuing education, its mission is to help production and processing manufacturers, printers and users of paper and board to gain skills, integrate new technologies and thus strengthen their capacity for innovation. The training of company personnel is the key to the success of all these developments.

To promote the rapid acquisition of technical skills and encourage the exchange of practices, the CTP offers “inter-company” training actions. These can also be deployed internally in each company on request. For any specific need, we can design "tailor-made" training courses that meet your expectations and adapt to the pace of work of your teams and your organization.

The proposed training actions address the various stages of the manufacturing, converting and printing processes of paper and board as well as the usage properties of materials and products.

CTP's continuing education actions are:

  • The skills and know-how of scientific trainers with field knowledge of industrial issues,
  • Effective practical means (test laboratories, technological platforms and semi-industrial pilots ...),
  • Partnerships and collaborations with training centers of the Industrial Technical Center,Network or training centers of the Paper & Board sector.

... so many assets to support you in building your future !