Accreditations and certifications

For the testing services performed in its laboratories in the scope of their accreditation, our Technical Centre applies self-imposed quality procedures to address several key concerns:

  • Respond in a suitable manner to our clients’ requirements, and strengthen the long-term competitiveness of their companies, in particular regarding statutory requirements in the fields of quality control of raw materials and paper and board products.
  • Provide our clients with testing services of unquestionably high quality. In their view, these test results are highly important for improving their paper or board manufacturing or converting processes, and therefore for the quality of the products they manufacture. They rightfully expect us to invest in quality control on a level at least equivalent to that which they apply to themselves for their own clients.
  • Ensure the independence and impartiality of our activities, to consolidate our mission as a public entity at the service of industry.
  • Put our expertise, gleaned from research innovation projects, at the service of companies, and propose assessed and approved technical solutions.
  • Improve our responsiveness and performance with the aid of our quality control system and the organisation that this requires.

Through application of its quality control procedures, the CTP hence undertakes to:

  • Provide its clients with reliable results, obtained using approved methods,
  • Remain constantly in close contact with its clients, which involves ensuring that a technical contact is available before, during and after the test, and asking for feedback after each service provided,
  • Fulfil all commitments made to its clients, in particular regarding deadlines.
  • Process all its clients’ requests impartially,
  • Safeguard the confidentiality of all information obtained or generated during laboratory activities, except where legal requirements prevent this.

To do so, the CTP applies a self-imposed series of technical and organisational guidelines in order to maintain the quality of its testing services. For all claims regarding these tests, a description of the protocol used to address them is made available to the concerned parties at their request.

The CTP's Analysis and Testing Laboratories and their associated support services comply with the requirements of NF EN ISO/CEI 17025 for their activities, in relation with the scope of accreditation.