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A Highly Promising Franco‐Canadian, Innovation Partnership (CTP & FPInnovations)

FPInnovations and the Centre Technique du Papier (CTP) sign a first class partnership agreement

Grenoble (France)
May 28, 2015
FPInnovations and the Centre Technique du Papier (CTP) signed a partnership agreement today. Pooling their capabilities will enable both organizations to develop and increase the added value of cellulose bio-based materials so these can more quickly be put to various uses beyond the traditional markets for wood-based industries (fibre, pulp, paper, cardboard). The skills and expertise of these two institutions are well-known and recognized worldwide. They are both leaders in research, manufacturing, and characterization of cellulose biomaterials, and they share the ambition of giving these materials new properties and functionalities.

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Training Courses

Micro- Nano- cellulosic objects
Date : on request - 1 day
Location : CTP, Grenoble
Organisation : CTP, France