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Annual Report 2013

The CTP… a technological greenhouse!

A growth accelerator.. Pictures in the 2013 Annual Report
For this edition, we have specifically wished to let you travel in the Centre Technique du Papier‘s technological greenhouse! Sowing, planting, watering, to make growing, taking cuttings, grafting… these vivid botanical terms are not so far from our professional world. The CTP stands for value creator, from the idea to the completion of the project and its industrial applications… in direct link with our clients’ challenges! We side with you, letting yours ideas spread and advancing them for tomorrow’s new fibres, papers, boards and materials… < The CTP is your growth accelerator! >
Naturally, the Annual Report will provide you with the key-figures and the events which stretched along the year…a whole program to discover!
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Training Courses

Offset Printing - Mottling and other phenomena
Date : 2 to 4th december 2014
Location : CTP Antenne de Douai
Organisation : CTP, France

Next Events

12nd International DEINKING and 7th International PACKAGING RECYCLING
Date : 2, 3 and 4 June 2015
Location : Centre Technique du Papier (France)
Organisation : CTP and PTS