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#PaperAndBoard #Recyclability #HeavyweightCleaning #IndustrialReality

#PaperAndBoard #Recyclability #HeavyweightCleaning #IndustrialReality

For the test of recyclability based on the EN13430 standard, CTP has included in its procedure a step of heavyweight cleaner after the screening step in order to be more representative and closer of the industrial recycling lines.

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CELLUWIZ, an innovative project !

CELLUWIZ, an innovative project !

CelluWiz : new video for new 100% cellulosic products

The community of CELLUWIZ is proud to release a short video presenting the objectives and the partners of the project ! "Combining two innovative technologies to produce high barrier all-cellulose packaging materials”... that is the challenge! This has been turned into pictures to make it universally accessible and to reach a broad audience... Come with us to imagine the 100% cellulosic packaging of the future! More info on

25-26 March 2020 | Final Workshop for SpotView and InspireWater

 #Spotview #Water #Innovation #March2020

Save the date for the final workshop presenting the results of SpotView and InspireWater Projects. 25-26 March 2020. Brussels Belgium... More information soon and registration open in November!

Ultracell project, towards the glue-free bonding of papers and boards!

  The Centre Technique du Papier, coordinator of the UltraCell project! 

The UltraCell Project, supported by the ANR, coordinated by the CTP in collaboration with the 3SR and LGP2 laboratories in Grenoble and the SONIMAT company in Nantes, aims to develop an industrial process for the glue-less bonding of papers and boards. This process should lead to eliminate glues and related food contact issues, to move towards mono-material packaging almost entirely bio-based, to reduce the environmental impact related to the overconsumption of energy and the management of waste in the recycling of packaging and to facilitate the recycling of packaging by eliminating residual glue points that impact the productivity of paper machines. The objective is to develop an ultrasonic welding process suitable for papers and boards that achieves performance at least equivalent to existing bonded joints, in terms of quality of adhesion, energy cost and production rate for a wide range of papers and boards (rigid packaging, flexible packaging, graphic papers, tissues ...).

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The CTP, partner of the European project WOODZYMES

WoodZymes project, a Research & Innovation Action of the H2020 “Bio-Based Industries”

The Biological Research Center (CIB) from the Spanish National Research Council (CSIC) will host on 2018, June 14th (in Madrid, Spain), the kick-off meeting of the WoodZymes European Project on “Extremozymes for wood-based building blocks: from pulp mill to board and insulation products”. This is a H2020 Research & Innovation Action funded with € 3.25 million by the “Bio-Based Industries” Joint Undertaking ( and coordinated by Dr. Susana Camarero from the CIB Group of Biotechnology for Lignocellulosic Biomass. The CTP is partner of this big project! The project goal is to develop tailor-made enzymes able to work under the extreme operation conditions of pH and temperature required by the wood-processing industries to remove or modify hemicelluloses and recalcitrant lignin protecting cellulose in the plant cell wall. This will enable selective valorisation of currently underutilised biomass fractions to provide high-value bio-equivalents of petroleum-derived chemical building blocks.

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PhénoLiq project: towards bio-based aromatics!

CTP, partner of the PhénoLiq project: towards bio-based aromatics!

The PhénoLiq project, supported by the French Government (ANR), coordinated by the LRGP from Nancy (Laboratory of Reactions and Process Engineering) and in collaboration with IRCE Lyon and CTP from Grenoble, focuses on the valorization of industrial lignin from black liquors of pulp mills. The goal is to develop a stepped and continuous liquefaction process of lignin to produce phenols, coupling depolymerization, catalytic conversion and separation / purification. Applied to two industrial sites, the extraction of suitable lignin, transformation and integration into the pulp mill will be determined at the lab scale and semi-pilot scale, then extrapolated on an industrial scale by modeling and simulation.

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The new Summary of International Activities on Cellulose Nanomaterials

 The advisory Task Group on cellulose nanomaterials from ISO/TC6 (standardization committee for paper, board and pulps) has published an update of the Summary of International Activities on Cellulose Nanomaterials. This public document is a review of worldwide activities on cellulosic nanomaterials production, research, major projects and collaborations. It is updated once a year.

The whole document here

The DES winning recipe...!

The DES (Deep Eutectic Solvents) were selected as the most innovative breakthrough technology in the TwoTeam Project ( The European project PROVIDES brings together over twenty european partners aiming to produce virgin and recycled pulps with a radically innovative approach, based on these solvents’ potential. The project launch meeting (kick-off meeting) took place at the ISPT (Institute for Sustainable Process Technology) on September 15, in Amersfoort, Holland and the CTP was a part of it. More details on ISPT and provides on /

A major project over 3 years!

Flushability Assessment

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Funky... Cellulose Fibres!

To answer the social and environmental pressures to reduce the environmental impact of packaging, CTP, in partnership with European SMEs, develops new, more efficient and greener packaging by taking advantage of fibrous components of agricultural waste (oat husk). These biobased packaging of latest generation, based on green carbon, are expected to meet some of those expectations. For more information, click the following link:

2014 International Pulp Bleaching Conference - Call for Papers

2014 International Pulp Bleaching Conference - Call for Papers 

Held every three years, the International Pulp Bleaching Conference (IPBC) is the world’s most important conference dedicated to chemical and process aspects of chemical pulp bleaching.   The selection of the presentations is made by the scientific committee of renowned international experts in the field.  The 2014 IPBC will be held October 29-31 in Grenoble, France, in the heart of the French Alps.   The program will focus on the newest developments and research advances in bleaching.  A call for paper has been issued with a deadline of March 31, 2014- more information on website :

Demowood Final Conference

Demowood Final Conference

The final conference of the DEMOWOOD project will take place at IFAT, Munich, on the 6th of May 2014.
Optimisation of material recycling and energy recovery from waste and demolition wood in different value chains.
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Two new R&D projects

Last March, at the NAMIPROD project launch, the CTP welcomed 24 companies interested in the new developments carried out in our research Centre enabling the creation of innovating materials. The representatives of the papermaking industry major groups came to the CTP to exchange ideas on the optimisation of the Cellulose Micro-/Nanofibrils (MFC/NFC) production.  An occasion to be acquainted with the NaMiCell new production pilot, put into service in the CTP’s premises by end 2012. The launching was also an opportunity to:
- envisage future collaborations with the CTP
- discuss about the potential transfer to the industry of the value created at the CTP.
At the same time, the CTP organised the launching of the TERPIN project which aims at putting into good use the aqueous and gaseous rejects emitted by the chemical pulps and mechanical mills whose terpenic compounds would be caught. The meeting attracted dozens international clients aware of the thematic regarding the diminution of rejects and the recovery of papermaking by-products....

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FCBA organise a new Symposium on Wood Fibre Polymer Composites

Our partner, FCBA is pleased to invite you to the 6th edition of the International Symposium on Wood Fibre Polymer Composites which will take place on September 23-24, 2013, in Biarritz, about 200 km to the south of Bordeaux in France. The 2013 conference event will focus on opportunities for innovative wood based composites used in Building and Furniture sectors contributing to the Green Growth and Bioeconomy. Scientists and Experts from industry present latest information on recent developments by 28 conferences on two days. A technical exhibition and poster session will also be provided. If you want more.. please click on

New Project MATREC

R&D new project MATREC

This project should enable CTP to study and demonstrate the economic and technical feasibility of the utilisation of recycled fibres and papermaking sludge for manufacturing bio-composites products and new-building construction…

New Project AIRFREE

New R&D Project AIRFREE

CTP organised a meeting to launch the project AirFree 2010-2012… Its objectives are to increase the paper machine productivity and the paper quality through the elimination of surface active substances; quantifying the flotation efficiency through dispersed air; reviewing the possibilities of removing and upgrading flotation foam concentrated in surface active substances and finally identifying the economic interest of this treatment…. More information :

6th CTP/PTS international symposium on packaging design and recycling


Everyone involved in the field of packaging designing, distributing, using, collecting, recycling is welcome to contribute to the technical programme. Papermakers, collectors, recovered paper merchants and converters are invited to present their experiences, machinery suppliers their recent developments, chemical suppliers their latest innovations, and the research institutes their latest findings.
More Information Malou CAILLAT or

MIAC Trade Fair in Lucca from 14 to 16th October 2009

CTP will be present on the MIAC Trade Fair in Lucca  with Techpap... Comme to see us!



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