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A new Chaiman for CTP!

 Olivier TASSEL ... at the head of the CTP's Board!


Mr. Olivier TASSEL, the C.O.O of the Packaging Division of the frenche group Gascogne, was elected Chairman of the Board of the Centre Technique du Papier when its Board was renewed on the 24th of April this year in Paris. He also was appointed as Techpap’s Chairman, Techpap being the CTP’s subsidiary in charge of « instrumentation ». He will thus succeed Mr. François Vessière. The latter will nevertheless continue to perform his duties as a CTP’s Board Member.

Only one month after his election, the new Chairman went to Grenoble to meet the CTP teams.  During his visit, he emphasized the essential role played by the research centre for the companies in their innovation process and increasing competitiveness. With this appointment, Mr. Olivier Tassel showed once more his commitment and involvement to the paper industry. This is one way for him to thank this industry which brought him so much, but also to promote French excellence with the CTP !


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